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Hi Karl.
Your Karlos 37 was purchased by my wife Gill for myself and it arrived this morning. Gill will clearly give you a 5 star rating but just to say that I am so thrilled to receive such a wonderful camera, both in design, style and build quality, I am intrigued to know who made this, yourself ?

Many thanks again.


ITS HERE....ITS HERE....ITS HERE!!!!! Arrived today in good condition. Thanks for the little card inside with the specs....easy to keep on record. And thanks also for all the other information you shared. I can't wait to go try this out. Unfortunately, still wicked winter here with wind chills negative 12 degrees C today. There are days when I have actually heard the film cracking inside the camera!!! I promise though to send a photo once things warm up a bit. I left the good feedback and hope to do business with you again sometime....such beautiful workmanship!!!! You are a treasure!
Warm regards from Nancy in Camden, Maine.

Hello. My name is Nancy and I'm the one who purchased your Karlos No.29. I wanted to get back to you and let you know how much I enjoy this little camera. I am still getting used to it and the exposure times, but it is easy to use and I can not get over how sharp the details focusing...and simply amazing. I have included a couple of pictures I is of the childrens chapel and garden near here (not the best composition, but the detail was great) and the other is very close to an old locomotive. The inages look kind of puny here on the ebay site, but I hope they come through OK. Thanks again for the fun. I continue to watch for your cameras on ebay...I hope you make some more.
Yours with respect and admiration, Nancy

Hi Karl,

Firstly thanks for the next day delivery.

This camera is totally exquisite - in concept, design and build. It took a little while to figure out reversing the back (the ingenuous magnets are quite strong). My Horseman back fits like a glove.

I have a couple of Zero's, but this is in another league altogether.

Many thanks,

Hi Karl, ITS HERE ITS HERE ITS HERE...ITS SAFE!!!! Thank you so much for the careful is simply much better than in the ebay photographs. And so well made.....what a professional talent you have!!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write out all the instructions (I love getting something from an honest-to-gosh typewriter again......sigh....I'm lost in the nostalgia of the 50's!) And thank you for the negatives for each lens.....really helpful to see the difference. I can't wait to try it out but must be concerned with the 4x5 difference you mentioned...will have to see. Thank you again....I think you are a genius at making these. Please know both your cameras (the 29 and now the 39) are in homes where they will be gently used and much appreciated! Warm regards, Nancy in Camden, Maine, U.S.A.